What’s a wedding reception without fantastic music that gets guests up on their feet all night long? If you want to make your wedding reception a night your guests will remember, do yourself a favor, hire a great DJ, and come up with a killer wedding DJ worksheet.

This worksheet is essentially a wedding DJ checklist and plan that is sure to delight the partygoers. Want to know how to create one for your wedding? Keep reading to learn more!

Type of Music

Consider your guests when choosing songs for your wedding reception music. You may have a wide variety of guests, ranging from elderly family members to young friends from college.

Choose a diverse set of songs to satisfy everyone when making your wedding DJ worksheet. This will keep members on their toes all night long as you mix it up in the introduction, during the bouquet toss, and on the dance floor.

Don’t Nitpick

As long as you choose a reputable service, your DJ has probably dealt with this many times and knows what they’re doing. Just give him or her some guidelines to follow for the wedding DJ plan and let them do their thing.

A great DJ knows how to read a crowd and set the mood and the vibe for a whole room. Be sure to include a quality DJ in your wedding planner checklist if you want to make your reception as memorable as possible.

Songs You Hate

Be sure to include your favorite songs—or songs you hate in your wedding DJ checklist. For example, you may know for sure you want your Dad’s favorite ACDC song played during the reception.

You may also know without 100% doubt that you do not want “The Macarena” to be played. Make a “Do NOT Play” list for your DJ that includes specific songs or maybe even genres (rap or country, for example).

The Bride and Groom Introduction

When you enter the reception, make sure your wedding DJ knows exactly how you want to be introduced to your guests. There’s nothing worse than having your first introduction to the world as a married couple being one you dislike.

For example “Mr. and Mrs. John Doe” versus “John and Jane Doe”. This is your first introduction to the world as a married couple, so be as clear as possible and mention this during your wedding DJ preparations. Remember that your DJ is in charge of more than just the wedding music.

Checklist and Plan

You may have a specific song in mind for these moments during the wedding. Here’s a list of some of the most common wedding music moments:

  • Cocktail hour must-plays
  • Wedding party introduction
  • Newlyweds introduction
  • First dance song
  • Toasting music
  • Dinner music must-plays
  • Father-daughter dance song
  • Mother-son dance song
  • Bouquet toss and garter toss
  • General dancing must-plays
  • Line dances and crowd dances
  • Final song of the night

The Ultimate Wedding DJ Worksheet

When it comes to wedding planning, a wedding DJ worksheet is often overlooked. We hope our brief guide gave you some further insight into your upcoming wedding.

If you’re looking for an awesome wedding DJ that will keep your guests on their feet all night long, please do not hesitate to contact us! At Soundwaves Entertainment, we can guarantee that all of our DJs will deliver a memorable experience that will make your wedding reception an event your guests will never forget!