Whether one of our clients is picking out ornate flower arrangements and sparkly centerpieces for a wedding or preparing their daughter for her big Bat Mitzvah, Soundwaves Entertainment can help simplify the process. While our clients keep focused on the finer details of the event, they can trust us with all the DJ details. But first, we have some advice on how to make sure that our clients can have all of their needs met before they hand over the reins.

The most important DJ responsibility for wedding receptions, big parties, and other events is creating a playlist that reflects all of the clients’ needs and special requests. At Soundwaves Entertainment, we can promise that our DJs will take the time to listen to and honor client requests, and contribute their expertise to expand upon genres, themes, and aesthetics to make those events even more unique and individualized.

Here are some important things to keep in mind for prospective clients hoping to hire a DJ for their event.

DJs Are Not Just Button Pushers

An ideal DJ for weddings and big events should know how to craft a playlist that suits all of his or her clients’ needs, but that is just the beginning of a DJ’s responsibilities. A DJ should go above and beyond the call of duty to help with the following:

  • Providing expert emceeing and managing big crowds with a vibrant personality that complements the music, the look and feel of the event, and the desired guest experience
  • Coming prepared with a sound system that meets the resources of the venue and amplifies throughout the room for maximal sound coverage so that no one misses out on the music experience
  • Incorporates all client requests for music choice, timing, special announcements, and specific dances

At Soundwaves Entertainment, we’re confident that our DJs can satisfy all of these requirements and more, making our clients’ parties as special and individualized as possible while delivering a professional, sleek product.

DJs Should Keep It Mainstream and Keep the Tempo Moving

“Stick to the classics” is an all-too-common refrain among DJs for a reason. The guests will not want to experiment with alternative genres and B-tracks when it comes to the dance floor, so a great wedding playlist will accommodate all the biggest hits in whatever genre and/or era that the client requests.

Additionally, these hits should all keep the pace moving right up until the slow dance. There should be some tempo stability, but also a little variety so that the guests’ dance moves don’t become routine or stale. The feel should be breezy and light but always engaging so that when it comes to the slower songs, all eyes are on the happy couple.

DJs Should Nail the Transitions

Each song should go directly into the next with no transition time. The last thing a client would want is dead space, especially with all the clatter and clinks from food service, hospitality, and buzzing conversation. To make sure there is no exposed silence, DJs should create seamless transitions between songs.

DJs Should Keep It Short

To keep things moving along, DJs should not play any song for longer than two minutes – even one minute should be sufficient for some songs. By the time a song has reached the bridge, guests tend to tune out and the energy dies down. A great DJ should know this and anticipate this concern by creating those seamless transitions between songs and pushing the transitions to the middle of the songs, somewhere around the end of the second chorus at the absolute latest.

Our DJs at Soundwaves Entertainment have this knowledge down pat and can accommodate clients’ special requests into these hard and fast rules for an engaging, energetic event.

DJs Should Appeal to All Ages

While the current Billboard Top Hundred hits might leave the older guests feeling left out and unhip and the golden oldies might leave the teenagers feeling bored and restless, a great mix will keep everyone dancing at the same time with little concern or fear that the playlist will not incorporate familiar tunes. Bouncing between genres and eras while keeping the tempo fast and the mood light will keep everyone dancing along regardless of their generation.

At Soundwaves Entertainment, we guarantee to all of our clients that our DJs know how to craft playlists that will be ideal for all events and keep the guests happy and dancing all day or night!