It seems like everyone is getting married. More than two million American couples got married in 2019.

This makes it difficult for your wedding to stand out. One way you can create a unique wedding is by hiring a wedding DJ. Yet you need to know how to hire a wedding DJ.

How can you assess the experience of a DJ? How can you evaluate the cost of one? How can you determine whether a DJ has the right style for your special day?

Answer these questions and you can experience the many benefits of a wedding DJ. Here are five questions you should ask.

1. Experience

At a minimum, you should ask a wedding DJ, “How long have you been in the business?” The more years, the better.

But you should look for more than just the number of years they have worked for. You should get information on what kinds of events they have served. A wedding DJ that performs at informal events is not good for formal and religious occasions.

You should ask if they have any experience with other events. Someone who has experience with birthday parties and weddings can make the atmosphere at your wedding more fun.

2. Performance Style

Ask, “What is your performance style?” Once they answer, ask for some particular follow-up questions. Assess how they can improvise based on the mood at the event.

You can also ask about what wedding songs they like to perform. See if they perform different songs for the first dance, walk down the aisle, and cake-cutting.

If possible, try to see your DJ perform. If they make any common wedding music mistakes, you should not hire them.

3. Requests

You should ask a couple of questions about requests. You can start by asking, “Will you take any requests from guests?” Some DJs are willing to take them, while others want to stick to their playlist.

You can also ask if the DJ will take any requests from you. You may need to give them a list of songs you want to play in advance. Feel free to include some unique wedding songs on your playlist.

4. Pricing

It is essential that you understand the wedding DJ cost. Ask, “What is your fee for a wedding?”

Make sure you break down what their fee is. Ask them if their contract has an overtime clause in case you want to extend your party.

5. Equipment

You do not need to ask, “What equipment will you use?” The DJ’s answer may be technical in nature and uninteresting unless you enjoy music.

But you should ask, “Do you need to check our venue out?” They may need to adjust their equipment based on the location. You should also touch base with them so you do not have to pay for backup equipment.

The Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding DJ

You should ask any wedding DJ a few questions before hiring them. You should ask about what experience they have with weddings.

You should also address their performance style. A very animated DJ is not right for a more formal occasion.

Ask if they are willing to take requests, including from guests. You should talk about pricing, but make sure you get a full picture of costs. You can also make sure they don’t need extra equipment.

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