Despite the pandemic, many couples have found a way to celebrate their union. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that marks an important milestone in every couple’s life. Often, we already have a set idea of how our wedding would go.

However, it’s not uncommon to miss a thing or two when planning. You wouldn’t want your wedding to be a forgettable and boring one. Here are some wedding mistakes to avoid for a memorable and entertaining wedding.

1. Completely Opting Out on Music

People nowadays may choose not to have live music at their wedding since it may be an additional expense. However, for 46% of brides, music is a must-have for their wedding day. Dismissing the idea is a social blunder and is one of the biggest wedding mistakes to avoid.

Having music at your wedding livens up the mood and gets the guests pumped. A band or a DJ is crucial in setting up the mood and vibe of your wedding. Celebrating your wedding in complete silence is awkward.

2. Not Having a Playlist

Many brides spend years planning their dream wedding, some even long before they meet their partner. It’s unusual not to have a set playlist to highlight this special day. Make this shared day exceptional and combine your and your partner’s favorite songs.

The best wedding music is meaningful and sentimental. Spend some time with your partner in finding the right music to capture the heart of the celebration. This could also serve as a great bonding activity for you and your partner.

3. Choosing the Wrong Person for the Job

Make sure that you have a quality DJ or band. The last thing you want is to assign this task to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Losing audio, hearing mic-feedback, or queuing the wrong song is sure to dampen the mood.

Invest some time into finding the right DJ or band for your wedding. Check out their portfolio, experience, and ask for a sample if possible. It would also help to contact past clients to get an idea of their experience.

4. Forgetting Your Guests and Pacing

Music affects the overall vibe of the wedding, so it’s important to have the right song for the moment. Tailor each song to fit each part of the event. Choose a slow or romantic song for the first dance and a livelier one for the reception.

Don’t forget to consider your guests. They may have some song requests, so it’s important to remain flexible. Talk to your wedding DJ or band about this, and allow them to work it into the queue.

5. On the Spot Micromanaging

It’s your wedding day, so enjoy the music, and trust the pros. On the wedding day, one of the many wedding DJ mistakes to avoid is constant intervention.

After all, you’ve spent all this time organizing, planning, and choosing the best. Request a song or two, but don’t hijack the music masters.

Now You Know What Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common wedding mistakes to avoid. Music touches the soul and uplifts the vibe. Invest some time in choosing the right music to ensure a perfect wedding.

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