Did you know that the wedding industry is in the middle of a “major marriage boom” right now? While last year was slow, nuptials are on the rise again. Couples are booking everything from wedding planners to DJs, so if you’re thinking about having a wedding soon it’s important to start planning now.

Music is a central part of any wedding, and one of the key industry professionals to hire is a wedding disc jockey. A wedding DJ is a great option for providing music to help you and your guests have a soundtrack for the big day. But before you book one, here’s what wedding DJs want you to know in advance.

What Does a Wedding DJ Do?

First things first: when you hire a wedding DJ, what services will they provide? In addition to playing music during the reception, they can also act as a Master of Ceremonies if you like. You can give them a timeline to follow to keep the reception on schedule, and they can make announcements and introduce guests who are going to make speeches.

Have a Pre-Wedding Consultation

One of the benefits of hiring a wedding DJ is that you will be dealing with a professional that has experience. You and your DJ can go over a wedding checklist and worksheet that covers the wedding DJ songs and playlist, the schedule, and more. Communication is key, so use this time to go over all the details for the big day.

Set Reasonable Expectations

While many couples have a “do not play” list, be aware that your guests may request those very songs. Be reasonable with your expectations, and also flexible with the type of music played. When you hire a professional DJ, trust that they have the experience to know the crowd and mood and play the right music to keep the party going.

Take Care of Your Vendors

Set up your vendors for success by facilitating communication between them so that the event can run smoothly. A DJ often coordinates with the other vendors to ensure that the timing for certain moments like the wedding party entrance goes as planned. And since most receptions are long, don’t forget to feed them!

Ready To Hire a Wedding DJ?

Now that you’ve learned how to hire a wedding DJ, you can book yours with confidence. Don’t forget to schedule a pre-wedding consultation to go over the proposed reception schedule, music, and more. And remember, communication is key so don’t be afraid to express your wishes to your wedding DJ so they can make your big day special.

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