Did you know 20% of couples spontaneously choose to extend their wedding celebrations because the DJ is keeping everyone on the dance floor?

It’s clear that hiring a wedding DJ can make a massive difference for your big day! But, even more important than having a DJ to begin with, is choosing the right one for your special day.

Read on to learn why choosing a great DJ is so important and exactly how they can make your wedding a day to remember for everyone in attendance.

A Few of the Countless Benefits

When you go to search “wedding DJ near me,” you no doubt want to know why you should take the time to hire a DJ in the first place. Let’s review a few ways they impact your wedding.

Serves as the Emcee

The DJ doesn’t just play music. They make announcements, introduce toasts, and welcome the newly married couple to the reception. All of these factors are an important part of the experience.

Sets the Mood

A DJ for a wedding also sets the overall mood for the night. There’s nothing worse than an empty dance floor, and it’s the DJ’s job to prevent this from happening.

They get your party guests excited and ready to dance the night away to classic songs, introduce them to their new favorites, and remind them of throwback songs they forgot existed. For many, dancing is the best part of attending a wedding!

Help Create a Playlist

We’ve mentioned how important music is at a wedding. While you could create a playlist yourself, it’s better to hire a DJ who hand-picks music for a living and can put something together that goes beyond your wildest dreams.

You can still give them song requests but leaving things in their hands is one less thing on your to-do list.

Remember to Ask Questions

There are a few questions to ask a wedding DJ you’re considering hiring to make sure you’re picking someone who can do everything you expect them to.

Here are some questions to add to your list:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What’s your performance style?
  • Do you take requests?
  • Do you provide lighting?
  • What’s your pricing?

The answers to these questions will help you feel secure in your choice, and this conversation will also give the DJ a better idea of what you’re expecting from them.

A Wedding DJ Can Make or Break Your Event

The wedding DJ you hire can make your break your event, so choosing the right one is crucial! This article outlined the benefits of hiring a DJ, to begin with, and brought out some essential questions to ask anyone you’re considering hiring.

Having a DJ at your wedding will surely bring an extra element of fun to the party while also having someone to keep the night’s schedule flowing well.

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