There are parties and then there are outdoor parties, and these tend to be more of an event than a traditional indoor gathering. Whether you live in an area with year-round good weather well-suited for an outdoor party or outdoor event, there are many things you should consider as you begin making plans. Here are a handful of useful tips for success.

Definitely Have a Theme

A party with a theme is always going to be far more enjoyable than one that is just a gathering outdoors with no real, detectable purpose. As an example, think of a party with decorations, a fixed menu, some games or activities, and even a dress code. THAT is a party with a theme. As an example, it could be a Halloween party done in black and orange with a spooky menu and with guests dressed up as any sort of character. It could also be a party about the 4th of July or a party that celebrates graduation or wine tasting. All of these would be party themes to choose from! An outdoor party is much easier to plan and far easier to make a success when it has a theme.

Create Custom Invitations

No matter the budget for the party, one way to make it a greater success is to make sure that your event is accompanied by informative invitations that align with the theme. As an example, the pirate-themed children’s party could have treasure maps as invitations. A wine tasting event could be printed to emulate a wine label. This can add tremendous fun and entertainment to the party, even before it begins.

Innovative Menu Items

An outdoor party is an ideal time to try some innovative menu items. For example, a pig roast is a great concept for an outdoor event, but you might decide to do all kinds of grilled or jerk dishes to coordinate with your Caribbean theme. You could have your event formally catered with a barbecue based menu like upscale Arkansas lowlands BBQ or a Central Texas specialty menu. And while you are planning the menu, don’t forget to try to find a signature cocktail that matches the cuisine and the theme of the party. For example, your Tex-Mex menu would be beautifully partnered with sangria or a unique type of margarita. Just be sure that the outdoor party menu and cocktail can be easily and affordably made for a crowd. You don’t want small-batch cocktails that cause a bartender to be exhausted by the end of the first hour or so.

Hire a Party DJ

When you are planning a party, one of the first things you need to consider is whether or not entertainment is needed. For the most part, every sort of outdoor party or outdoor event can benefit from some sort of live entertainment or music. And while it would be great to have ongoing entertainment, that is not often possible. The one exception is a party DJ who knows how to play just the right music and talk to the guests, interact with them, and ensure everyone has a good time. They are going to go over the playlist with their clients before any event and ensure that the music is well-suited to the crowd that will attend.

Keep in mind that an authentic party DJ may bring much more than the music to an outdoor party. They can turn anything into an outdoor event because the best party DJs will have access to outdoor/indoor sound systems, high-end lighting arrays, fog machines, and may even be able to help you find the perfect party favors or setup an awesome photo booth or photo lounge area. This is the kind of entertainment that takes care of the hosting and lets you focus on the fun.

Map Out the Space

If you are going to set up a tent and seating as well as dining spaces, you’ll want to make the very most of the space available. This is best done with a simple map and accurate measurements. If you are hiring a party DJ, make sure there is room to dance, play games, and even have that photo booth area.

At SoundWaves Entertainment, you can get experienced DJs who will personalize your playlist and offer you a lot of support in making sure your outdoor party or event is a huge success.