There are so many things that factor into making your special wedding day the best it can be. Food, flowers, scenery, and even party favors for the occasion. One thing that is also really important is the music. DJ entertainment can make your first dance even more intimate, and it also sets the tone for the rest of the night’s activities. But how do you know what to look for when picking out the best DJ entertainment for your wedding? That’s where we come in. Today we’ll discuss the top things you should consider when picking out a DJ for your wedding.

Music You Like and Don’t Like

Both you and your newlywed partner will have preferences in the music they like. By making a selection of songs or genres of music you and your partner prefer, the DJ entertainment you select will be able to better accommodate you and the rest of your guests. Also one of the most important things with music that many people may not think about is the songs they do not like. Perhaps more important than your favorite music, by giving a list of songs and genres of music you don’t like to your DJ entertainment you’ll be better able to avoid the vibes you don’t want. 

The DJ’s Style of Mixing Music

Although many DJs have practice mixing many different styles of music, everyone has their favorites that subtly intertwine with the music they mix. One DJ entertainer may prefer jazz, and another may prefer rock- which is perfectly okay. To ensure you have the best experience for you and your guests, we recommend having an idea of the style you like before selecting a DJ. 

Any Samples the DJ Provides

Another important thing to consider before selecting DJ entertainment for your wedding is the samples of music the DJ provides to you during the interview process. By requesting some of their best or previous work, you can listen to how the music sounds as well as how engaging they were with guests and how the guests responded to it. If you liked their samples, you will likely like all their DJ entertainment!

Rates and Contracts

Perhaps one of the top things you should look into before making your final DJ entertainment selection are rates that the DJ offers. Many DJs take different things into account such as time they’ll play, the space they have to set up, and other things. Once you have the top things in mind nailed down that you want included with your entertainment and the DJ agrees, it is best to get everything in writing with a contract. This way, everyone has full certainty of the services that are provided and the price that’ll be paid for the services so there’s no disagreements. The last thing you need on your wedding night is a disagreement with the DJ!


Now you have all the resources you need to pick out the perfect DJ entertainment for your special night with our top tips. No longer does wedding planning have to be strenuous and stressful- it can be something that you can finally enjoy!