Consider how often we turn to the quickest resources and don’t give them a second thought. We “Google” things and trust that the information is accurate. We use websites like Amazon to quickly acquire gifts, goods, and more. We don’t often wonder if there are places to get goods or information that may be a better fit. This is NOT how you want to approach finding and choosing your wedding DJ and wedding day entertainment.

Generic never translates to personalized DJ services, and without some options for customizing your playlist and experience, you run the risk of a hum-drum (dare we even say forgettable) wedding reception. Rather than take a chance on a wedding DJ who is not a good fit to your goals or needs, or whose idea of entertainment might be to harass your guests on to the dance floor, we suggest you narrow down the options.

How? First, limit yourself to personalized DJ services. Then, compile a list of wedding DJ providers or services that will meet with you beforehand. Take the time to screen as many as you feel comfortable speaking to, and remember that it is not about entertainment or top songs alone. If you are eager to enjoy personalized DJ services that reflect your musical tastes and preferences as a couple, and work with a wedding DJ who will inspire people to dance, you’ve got to ask key questions.

Below are some very relevant questions to pose to the entertainment and personalized DJ services you meet with. Getting clear answers will quickly and easily steer you in the right direction to help you choose your wedding DJ.

The Top Questions to Pose to a Potential Wedding DJ

What’s Your Personal Style?

Anyone in the world of entertainment who insists that they don’t have a personal style is misleading you. Whether it is personalized DJ services or someone working exclusively as a wedding DJ, they have a specific style. They might be loud and operate a lot like an announcer or MC, they might be a bit on the mellow side and focus mostly on short interactions with the crowd and lots of music.

Their style is also about their musical tastes. Take time to build a playlist of songs you both love and hope to dance to or hear during the wedding. Then, see what they have to say. If they negate a lot of your most important choices, it might be that their style is not a good fit for yours.

Can We Watch You?

If you want to hire any sort of entertainment, you typically don’t do so without first seeing them in action. This applies to personalized DJ services for your wedding. While you should not crash a wedding, it is likely that any wedding DJ might have a demo video, a website with video footage, or other “gigs” that allow you to watch them in action. This is a good opportunity to understand if they offer the level of entertainment you envision.

What’s Your Dress Code?

It is something you can easily overlook, and you may be arranging a very formal event and envision your personalized DJ services as a team of people dressed in the same fashion as the people around them. However, their idea of the dress code could be a button-up shirt and sleek trousers, rather than the more formal jacket and tie you desire.

Ask the wedding DJ and any members of their team who will be part of the wedding events about the garments they intend to wear. Will they coordinate? Will they dress in a way that is a reflection of the rest of the “staff” involved? If this matters, it is the time to ask.

Are You Working on a Time Limit?

A lot of wedding DJs operate on a specific timeframe or fixed number of hours in a package. Most DJ’s normally don’t take breaks but some do.  They might, however, ask for a meal if the wedding reception will be 6 hours or longer.

Do You Take Requests?

One of the most relevant things you can offer to your guests is the chance to put in special requests. While you don’t want them to elbow out the songs you have so carefully chosen, you do want guests to propose those songs you might have overlooked. An online event planner with a guest request option will help give your DJ a chance to play them and is also a nice way to enhance the fun and let your guests be an interactive part of your wedding.

When you work with the wedding DJs at SoundWaves Entertainment, they meet with you in advance of the wedding, go over your likes, dislikes and ensure your day is exactly as you’ve always dreamt it would be.