Chris Pyle was The Executive wedding DJ in York Pa. at Wyndridge Farm for Nick and Kat’s wedding.  The weather was a little on the fence. The skies were overcast and there was a threat of rain in the late afternoon near the start time for their ceremony.  We arrived at the venue 2 hours early for set up. When we arrived the decision to have the ceremony inside had already been made.   Kat had her heart set on having an outdoor ceremony at Wyndridge. I was keeping a close eye on my weather radar app on my phone.  About 40 minutes before the ceremony start time there looked like a “window of opportunity” on the radar app. The father of the bride made the decision to move the ceremony to the outdoor ceremony site at the last minute.  We had to set up quickly to get the ceremony started before the showers arrived.  The rain held off and Nick and Kat were also able to get a great outdoor photo opp before the rain did finally arrive.  During the reception everyone was on the dance floor all night long dancing and celebrating with Nick and Kat!

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