Although planning your wedding reception is a creative endeavor, and you’ll spend many hours thinking about and making decisions around everything from the color of the flowers and linens to the types of formal attire you and the wedding party will wear, you need to get even more creative about your wedding reception.

Don’t blame us (the innocent messenger) for this news. It is all of the creative folks who have gotten married over the past decade who have set the bar higher than ever. Today’s wedding guests expect to be entertained, and while a good wedding DJ was once someone who played great music, today they are an integral part of the wedding entertainment. That means you’ll want to be very thoughtful about the wedding DJ you choose and be sure they are dedicated to making your special occasion as special as possible and they way you and your fiance envision.

Of course, your wedding reception is about more than the music (though, you’ll find that the dancing and activities around music are a huge focus of the Big Day). Just consider these creative ideas:

Pre-Ceremony Cocktail Hour

While the members of the wedding party might enjoy a bit of liquid encouragement prior to nuptials, most guests are not provided refreshments. It can be a lot of fun to work with your wedding team to create a few signature wedding cocktails and encourage everyone to mingle and relax ahead of the exchange of vows. You will want to work with your wedding DJ to create some lighthearted ambient music to also help set the stage and help you and your guests relax. Starting with cocktail hour first is a modern approach and a unique way to break standard tradition.

Consider a Sweets Stand

Whether or not your wedding reception is an overly formal affair or a low-key and casual one, there is always room for a bit more sweetness on a wedding day. What better way to forward that concept than by having a candy station or sweets stand that operates as a self-serve candy bar? You can even have your wedding DJ announce the presence of this sweet little gem as everyone arrives at the reception. It is a great way to energize them for the dancing to come!

Games, Games, and More Games

One thing that a wedding reception is typically a bit short on is activities and games that are a true reflection of the married couple. Corn hole is very popular for outdoor cocktail hours. The She Game is also another popular wedding game. You can provide your DJ with a list of personalized questions about your significant other and hold your shoe up if the correct answer is you or hold your fiance’s shoe up if the answer is about them or hold both shoes up if the answer is both!  This is a great way to break the ice and invoke lots of laughs after dinner!  No matter what your favorite games are, there are plenty of ways to integrate them into your wedding reception, and this keeps the guests laughing, busy, entertained, and happy from beginning to end.

Photo Booths, Videographers and Other Creative Memories

You are sure to take steps to hire the ideal wedding DJ and photographer, but why not ensure that the entire event is documented from every possible angle. Include some low-cost or disposable digital cameras as part of each table setting, photo booths that give your guests prints and save digital copies for you, and even a videographer to help capture the day so you can cherish your memories forever.

Work With Your Wedding DJ

Those are four ways to get more creative with your wedding reception, but have you also considered the way that you work with your wedding DJ? They can really help to amp up the “special” factor of your big day. While they are going to ensure that guests are entertained during the wedding reception, they can also help ensure that the playlist is personalized and creative. It will inspire people to get up and dance, but it will also be a reflection of the couple just married and their history of favorites.

At SoundWaves Entertainment, couples have access to energetic and dedicated wedding DJs who tailor every wedding reception to the specific vision and needs of the couple. The team at SoundWaves Entertainment is here to help. Eager to use that photo booth concept? They can help you get yourself a full-service booth and even talk with you about props and other wedding enhancements such as up lighting, Dancing On A Cloud for your First Dance, Monogram Light with your names and wedding date, Dancing Under The Stars on the ceiling above the dance floor. Some of these popular wedding services might be a good fit for your event and help to personalize your reception

A wedding reception should be fun and you should enjoy selecting music and working with your DJ to create a personalized play list that reflects your personality and style as a couple. Work with creative wedding DJ’s and wedding planning experts who can help you develop a winning DJ playlist and a flawless (but creative) reception.