Prom night is such a fun occasion for the many York, Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA school students that allow everyone to enjoy their last dance night with their fellow friends and teachers before moving towards college and career life. But how can you make your Prom night memorable? Although most students have just one shot to make it right, you don’t have to worry.  Soundwaves DJ Entertainment is here to discuss school Prom do’s and dont’s that you can follow to make your Prom night awesome, so here we go.

School Prom Do’s

Choose Comfortable Dress and Footwear

It is no doubt that you will be excited to go to your Prom night but throughout this excitement don’t forget to wear comfortable dress and shoes. Girls especially need to take special care because they tend to wear shoes to look stylish and glamorous, but after wearing them, they may not feel comfortable for more than an hour during your 4-6 hour night. This is one of the biggest mistakes that can bother you during your Prom night. So, you should need to choose comfortable footwear and dress to make your prom night awesome.

If you search enough in advance, you will certainly find shoes that can provide you with a great level of comfort along with a stylish look. At the end of the day, most girls opt for fancy, incredibly high heels and simply take off their shoes on the dance floor. That’s always a possibility as well.

Take some Touch Up Makeup in a Bag

You should keep your touch up make up in your bag, such as face powder or lipstick that can help you to touch up throughout your prom night. During dancing or other fun activities during the night, your face may get bit oily or drinking or eating something can remove your lipstick so having a quick selection of touch up makeup would be very beneficial.

Have Fun

Since it is the last night of school that you have an opportunity to mingle with all of your classmates, friends, and teachers you should always make the best of it. Enjoy the dancing and little things alike such as dinner, photos, games, talking and much more. Don’t feel shy to ask someone to dance with you.

Take Pictures

Capturing pictures with your fellow friends and teachers can instantly capture all of the memories of your school prom night to save for the rest of your life. So, take a lot of pictures but remember to live in the moment as well and enjoy your night without letting your phone or camera take over.

Say Thanks to Your Teachers

You can make your teachers feel really proud by giving them compliments for their efforts when you see them at the prom. Prom night is a great chance to see all of your teachers outside of the normal classroom setting and talking and mingling with them, even briefly, can make a lasting impression that will last years for your teacher. You can also walk up to your teachers one by one and say thanks for the time that they invested in you over the years of school.

Greet Everyone 

School prom night is all about fun, and it will not take much to put you in a great mood. When you greet everyone with a cute smile on your face, it shows other people that you are enjoying the night and feeling comfortable.

School Prom Do Not’s

Don’t be Dramatic

Don’t forget that you are here just for fun. Leave the relationship, friendship and other drama at home and try to forget about everything for a night. If something happens at the prom, try to let it go as soon as you can so you can enjoy the rest of your night. Remember, you have one night, so don’t be too dramatic over minor things that can ruin your fun night.

Avoid to Dance

You may feel shy, uncomfortable, fearful or awkward that your dance moves can become a cause of others to laugh at you. We assure you that no one is going to single you out for bad dance moves, and if they do, they likely are the ones who don’t have the same confidence to go out and have a good time that you do. You can also learn some simple moves that can help you to avoid this fear ahead of time with 15 to 20 minutes on YouTube. Overall, don’t overthink it and try to enjoy your night without worrying about what others think.

Don’t Engage in Bad Decisions

Spending good time with your friends and classmates should be your only priority. Although it’s often tempting, avoid the urge and peer pressure to engage yourself in something wrong that can ruin your prom night or your future.

Inappropriate behaviors such as drinking, smoking, and many other activities both before, during and after prom have serious consequences and are simply not worth it in the long run.

Don’t be Overdressed

A simple but stylish look can often show more glam than someone who is obviously overdressed, so try to avoid it. For girls, a simple prom black dress is often such a great choice. The boys could also consider wearing tuxes instead of suits. These attire tips can give a perfect look for the school’s prom night.

Don’t Skip It

At the end of the day, if you’re considering skipping the night because you don’t have a date or anyone to go with, we strongly encourage you to go anyway. Believe it or not, more students go to their prom without a date than ones that do. There’s so much to do that doesn’t require a date to the prom. You also don’t have to stay the whole night. Even if you go for an hour, it’s better to experience it at the one chance you have rather than skipping it.