Children’s birthday parties are a big deal for everyone involved. For a child, their birthday is the most important day of the year. They get presents and a cake, and a party and everyone celebrates them! For parents, the party is less about getting than it is giving. Mom and dad want to make their little angel as happy as possible on his or her big day. But planning such an event can take a lot of effort, and getting it right means more than making sure the kids are happy. Don’t forget that there will be other parents there too. For everyone to have a fun time at a children’s birthday party, be sure to consider the following tips. With these in mind, you’ll be sure to throw the perfect event.

Pick a Theme

All the best children’s parties have a theme. Come up with ideas with your child and let them choose what they are interested in. A few great ideas are superheroes, the circus, sports, knights and castles, underwater, the jungle, or even a zoo theme. If you are struggling to come up with a theme, don’t be afraid to look online for a few ideas.

Having a theme will help the kids get involved, but also allows the parents to participate. Including parents will let them have fun with the kids without feeling as if they are sitting on the sidelines. Both parents and kids can come in costumes to match the theme or take part in the theme-based activities.

Know How Many People Are Coming

Before even sending out invitations, it’s good practice to get the word out that you will be throwing a birthday party. This way, you can get an idea of how many people are available. If your child is school-aged, be careful not to step on any toes. If you plan to invite classmates, it’s an all or none situation. You can be selective and invite your child’s best friends but, if you go above about half of the class, you will have to invite them all. Otherwise, some children and their parents will feel left out.

Consider sending out invitations in a couple of ways. You can send your child to school with paper invitations, but keep in mind that they may end up completely forgotten at the bottom of a bookbag. If you also send out invitations via email, both the children and parents will feel included in the party planning. This will also give you a better idea of how many people will come, as parents can RSVP to your email.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

While it would be silly to ask on the paper invitations, when you send out emails to the parents, be sure to ask if there are any dietary restrictions or allergies. The last thing you, a child, or another parent want is a sudden peanut allergy or outbreak of hives. No party is complete without a table of food and a cake but, if you are going to provide refreshments, be sure not to put anyone at risk.

While on the topic of food, don’t forget the parents. Keeping everyone happy means providing more than just candy and cake for the kids. Moms and dads also want to feel included, so preparing food for everyone will keep them involved. Consider preparing foods for all ages, such as hot dogs and hamburgers or some pizza. If you want to go a more nutritious route, consider some light sandwiches, fruit, or some healthier recipes.

Set A Fun and Exciting Tone

No party is complete without some music. Consider a DJ! You want to set a tone appropriate for everyone. If you hook up your iPod, the kids could be stuck listening to an odd mix of obscure songs from the ’70s and whatever other adult contemporary tunes you prefer. If you need help setting the tone, let Soundwaves Entertainment help. Our experienced DJs will work with you to create a family-friendly atmosphere at an affordable price. Having a DJ at your kid’s party will amp up the experience from just a simple backyard get-together to a memorable and exciting time for all.


Planning the perfect children’s party means making it fun for everyone! Don’t forget that you won’t be the only parent there. Remember to set an exciting theme, consider how and who you will invite, plan food safely and accordingly, and set the right tone. If you need a DJ, you can reach Soundwaves Entertainment at (717) 225-5562 or email us at [email protected].