You’ve found the perfect venue, the perfect event planner, and the perfect caterer for your event, but how do you put your event above the rest? How do you make it memorable? How do you make it yours? Up-lighting has often been overlooked in the past, but with today’s technology, it can create the perfect ambiance for your wedding, corporate event, or party. Up-lighting is an increasingly popular decoration that can save you time, money, and absolutely WOW your guests!

Why Have Uplighting?

Uplighting can and will create a very memorable event for you and all of your guests. With professional and powerful equipment, it can drastically change any venue from a simple and plain one to a truly incredible scene. Uplighting is perfect for nearly every event including weddings, reunions, dances and birthday parties. You also can save money in the long run with a professional DJ well equipped with professional uplighting equipment. Instead of overpaying for an extremely extravagant venue, you could save a bit on a lesser popular one and make it better with the perfect uplighting scenes.

Versatile and Customizable

Up-lighting is easily the most flexible decoration on the market, making it suitable for just about any event. It takes advantage of the latest lighting technology and can be programmed to adapt to all environments and times of the day. Up-lighting can display virtually any color to totally personalize your event. Up-lights will provide your guests with the optimal amount of light to eat and dance during the day, and they can automatically dim during the evening to provide a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. Pre-settings are available so that their brightness changes as the day goes on. They can easily be set up, taken down, and programmed, giving you the ultimate control over your special day. The options for customization are endless!

Save Time and Money

The costs of decorating your venue can add up quickly and take up a lot of your valuable time. This can become frustrating when you would rather be focusing on other preparations for your event like picking out a wedding dress or finding live entertainment. Up-lights are super simple to set up and take next to no time at all to totally change the ambiance for your event. Many decorations get disposed of after the event and seem like a waste of money. Up-lights take advantage of the architectural elements of your venue and eliminate the need for expensive, intricate décor. Not only do they accentuate the architecture of your venue, but they also complement other lighting elements such as monograms and spotlights. By utilizing up-lights as your primary decoration, you save yourself time and money while leaving your guests breathless.

Add That Special Touch

Up-lighting is a unique way to make your event professional and help you show off to your guests. Up-lights provide a distinct look and feel that other decorations just can’t achieve. Ordinary and traditional lighting is boring and has limited options for customization. Up-lights, however, are perfect for outdoor and indoor venues and can adapt to any theme or event. Dazzle your guests with stunning colors projected upward that change automatically throughout your event. Up-lights are typically placed around the perimeter of the venue, but they can easily be moved and positioned wherever you want, giving you the power you need to make sure your guests will remember your event for years to come!

How to Get Uplighting

Professional uplighting requires a significant investment in LOTS of equipment and more importantly, requires a professional team to set up the equipment and program the scenes that are custom tailored to your event. In addition to music, a professional DJ will have all of the knowledge and equipment necessary to make your venue spectacular with custom uplighting scenes. Rather than purchasing all of the equipment and spending hours learning how to program custom scenes that run throughout your event, consider consulting with a company that provides uplighting for your event. You’ll not only save on the equipment costs but also save hours of frustration learning how to set it all up. And with years of experience programming uplighting scenes, your DJ will be sure to create a better scene than you could even imagine.

Personalize your special event with our enhanced up-lighting! We’d love to help you make your event flawless with our lighting and enhancement services!