From the outside, being a wedding disc jockey seems like the easiest job in the world: you dress up in nice clothes, show up at a beautifully decorated venue, play a few songs, make a couple of announcements, enjoy some punch and a piece of wedding cake, and call it a night. For top DJs, however, the reality is a lot different than it appears.

As one who uses music to set a mood, commences the festivities and is an integral player in an unforgettable lifetime event, a wedding DJ is called upon to be a complete professional. The DJ must prepare carefully for each aspect, knowing that missteps will disrupt the flow of a truly sacred celebration. Here is a summary of the most important steps in preparing to be a part of your most special day.

Getting to Know the Couple and Their Wishes

A cursory look at weddings and receptions might suggest that they are pretty much alike. Nothing could be further from the truth. No two wedding couples are the same. Every couple has a unique ambiance they are trying to achieve. With their attire, decorations, wedding party, and ceremony, they are making a statement about themselves as a couple. The music they choose must capture the essence of the statement their wedding is making in an accurate, uplifting manner. Of course, weddings are not just about a new relationship forming but also the relationships that brought the bride and groom to this point. Special musical attention often must be paid to parents, siblings, close friends, and absent relatives. The DJ must know precisely how to choose the proper music.

Checking Out the Venue

One of the worst mistakes a DJ can make is to show up at the site of a wedding reception on the day of the ceremony and start setting up equipment. By way of preparation, a DJ should check out the venue regarding the following considerations:

  • The flow of the wedding party coming and going into the space. A DJ needs to measure off the amount of space the necessary equipment will require and make sure there is plenty of room for folks in formal attire to move freely around the setup.
  • Adequate nearby electric power. Sometimes cozy, quaint, or historic venues don’t have adequate power for the sound equipment. A professional can work around this problem, although the DJ needs to become aware of the issues ahead of time.
  • Venue rules and concerns. By definition, the places where weddings and receptions occur are special. Many have requirements that are unique to the venue, such as not moving certain pieces of furniture or a specific ending time usually required by the local township or city.

Top DJs handle concerns like these by interacting with the venue itself ahead of the event. In this way, any potential issues are planned for in advance and there is one less item for busy brides, grooms, and wedding directors to be concerned about as the big day approaches.

Setting Up the Schedule and Script

The DJ must not only be prepared with the list of music, prepared according to the desires of the newlyweds but also must have a carefully written schedule of events that includes the anticipated timing of what will happen as the festivities proceed. To the casual participant, this series of happenings should seem unhurried, and natural. A topflight DJ understands that nothing in a wedding celebration comes off precisely as planned when it comes to timing. Not only will the DJ be prepared with the right music to be played but the DJ must also be flexible and adaptable if any last minute changes happen the day of the wedding or if the timing or itinerary need to be tweaked or changed last minute.  In a nutshell, the DJ must be prepared for the official schedule and also for the necessary improvisations that might be needed.

The Fun Part

The great reward the professional DJ anticipates while reviewing the bride and groom’s music playlist and planning out a wedding schedule is that moment when the wedding party and wedding guests are dancing and having fun and making memories on the dance floor  As the last song begins, the DJ relishes the satisfaction of having played a seamless role in the celebration of a grand new beginning for a lovely couple.


When everything transpires smoothly, as it should with top DJs, it appears that the work of the disc jockey is simple and effortless. Ironically, the smoothness of what transpires means that the great amount of preplanning and wedding preparation expended by the DJ worked as it should, enabling the celebration to be exactly as the wedding couple envisioned. Fun and Memorable! Choosing a top wedding DJ is the key to a successful and worry free wedding celebration that your guests will be raving about for years to come!  If that’s music to your ears and you want to hear a lot more, then contact Soundwaves Entertainment.