Your wedding day will be a day that you will cherish and remember forever, and with the right amount of creative planning—your guests will too. Making your wedding more memorable doesn’t always have to break the budget, there are an array of creative and thoughtful options to plan a wedding everyone will recount time and time again.

Think of a time that you attended an event, be it a wedding or a birthday that left its mark on you. What was it that stood out to you? A lasting memory will look different from person to person, so we’ve rounded up a list of ideas we think can make your wedding a memorable event for both you and your guests.

Thoughtful Wedding Favors

Wedding favors should be unique. Either it’s a gift your guests have received plenty of times before or it’s just something they’re simply not into. But if you’re going to the effort of organizing wedding favors, we think they may as well be unique and thoughtful.

Wedding favors don’t necessarily have to be an item, you could instead use the money reserved for favors and donate it to a charity very dear to your hearts, adopt an animal, or to a start-up business creating a product or service very dear to you both.

Ditch The Cake And Opt For A Dessert Buffet Instead

Choosing a cake is difficult. What flavor? What type of icing? Which cake topper? And half the reason it’s so difficult choosing a cake is that there are so many great options to choose from. So instead, why not give your guests the variety of a dessert buffet? Sometimes also known as a dessert bar.

Many companies specialize in just this, and they offer everything from petite fours, slices, cake pops to traditional lollies that your guests will certainly remember. This also elevates a simple cake cutting tradition into an event that will sweeten the night.

Offer A Signature Cocktail That Is So You And Your Significant Other

Not only is this idea unique but it’s also a great conversation starter between guests. Design a cocktail, with the help of your catering company or venue, that hasn’t been done before and speaks volumes of you as a couple. Give it a name that will have the guests giggling and saying “that is so them”.

The flavor profile should marry both your taste preferences—in a very obvious way that not only works (as you both do) but that makes sense to the guests as well. Did you meet at a winery? Both love chocolate? Think of the gastronomical choices that unite you two and blend them into the perfect cocktail.

The Ultimate DJ Music Playlist

Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ took song requests? Imagine, knowing in advance what your friends, family and guests would like to hear before your wedding reception!  A song request for everyone to get them dancing and enjoying the night.

The logistics of taking dozens of requests on the night just don’t work. We have a unique “Guest Request” option that’s built into our online wedding planning tool. You can provide a “Guest Request” link and a Guest password that you can put on your wedding website or share via Facebook with your guests prior to your wedding. Your guests can log in and add a song request. You’ll be able to see what songs your guests have added in your master planner account. You’ll have he option to filter out any songs that may be questionable or any songs you don’t want played. This give the DJ a direction to go in and let’s the DJ know what songs everybody likes!  It’s a great way to involve your guests but at the same time you still have total control over the entire song list!  You can also compile a “Must Play” list on the planning tool for your DJ before the event for the ultimate music playlist that will have everyone dancing all night long! Guests love to hear their song played at a wedding. Nine times out of ten the song they request has meaning to them and if they hear their song they will be raving about how great the music was. This is guaranteed to make it a memorable night full of amazing memories for you and your guests!

Involve Your Guests In A Unique Wedding Tradition

The Anniversary Dance or Longest Married Couple’s Dance is a nice way to get not only get your older wedding guests involved but gets all generations on the dance floor. It’s a nice way to “break the ice” after dinner. It give the older guests a way to participate in your wedding even if they don’t like to fast dance. Once the DJ finds out who the longest married couple is he’ll ask the couple if they have any “words of wisdom” for you on a long and happy marriage!

The Small Details Count

A memorable wedding will most likely be a comfortable and enjoyable one. Don’t skip out on the smaller details that will ensure your guest’s comfort.

If your wedding is in summer, make sure to include a table with handy products such as bug sprays or electronic hand fans. And depending on your location, you may even want to invite your guests to take their shoes off (great for a beachside or backyard wedding). If you chose a winter wonderland wedding, you can never go wrong with a basket full of blankets.

Go Green or Eco-friendly

Where possible, making the conscious decision to limit single-use plastics or wasteful cutlery by working with your caterer or wedding venue to make your special night one that won’t hurt the environment. This small detail will have everyone applauding you for an eco-conscious event—especially Mother Nature.