Planning a wedding involves a lot of different decisions. Clothing, venue, food, decorations, invites…the list goes on and on. While some choices are a whole lot of fun, others can start to seem overwhelming. Yet, there is one decision all couples make that is fun, relevant, and exciting and that is their “first dance” song or track. And yet, it may not be all that easy to agree on that one song that you will dance to as an officially married couple. The good news is that your wedding DJ can be a lot of help at such times.

Before you sit down to talk with your DJ about your song choices, though, we have a few tips to help get you off to a strong start.

Forget Trendy or Classic First Dance Songs

It can be easy to point to a song that is at the top of the charts at the time you get married, and one you both like. Unless that song has some sort of sentimental significance, though, you’ll want to dig a bit deeper and avoid the trendy songs. Also, you’ll want to skip those songs that most people think of as classic first dance songs because, though you both might like them, you want that first dance to be a moment just for the two of you…even if a few hundred people are watching.

Start with a List

Begin the process of helping your wedding DJ play the perfect first dance song at your wedding by making a list of every song that has meaning to both of you. Think of the first songs that had meaning to you or the first song you remember dancing to and definitely write down those songs that are “your songs” even if they don’t seem like they are a first dance song. After all, you still want to dance to every song that has significance to you as a couple.

Then, use any of your playlists to further add to the list of important songs. Again, it is easy to overlook any songs that you both like that might not be romantically significant, but which are important and shared memories.

Consider Your Theme

This is when your wedding DJ can begin to step up and help you to make the very most of your first dance (and remaining playlist picks). How? All weddings typically have some sort of theme, and whether it is a Tiffany blue theme, a gothic theme, or something else, the point is that you want the playlist to be a good reflection of the theme. As an example, your décor and clothing are meant to be reminiscent of the jazz music you both love. Yet, your first dance list has a large collection of country music. That is a distinct clash between theme and songs, and your wedding DJ may be able to help you navigate through to a better collection of important songs.

Think About the Intros

This is where things begin to get narrowed down a bit, and where the wedding DJ can help even more. This is because lots of songs have long intros where you might find yourselves swaying and waiting for the dancing part of the music to begin. A DJ can warn you of this because they will already be very familiar with the songs that include such lengthy sections that create awkward moments for the couple. Your DJ can also fade the song out early at the time you specify  if you prefer to only dance for a certain portion of the song.

Also, think about the lyrics. Some songs might be important to the two of you, and yet, they may have lyrics that are a bit inappropriate or not quite what you want to hear as you sway to your first dance song.

Consider Your Guests

Which of the songs on the list will get people up and out of their chairs? You want guests to be ready to join in, and so to add a bit of a final challenge, you do want to talk with the wedding DJ about the songs they feel they can get the guests to get up and dance to after your first moments alone on the dance floor.

Does that mean that your first dance has to be a slow song? Absolutely not! It is your wedding, and the song you choose as the first one you dance to as a married couple can be all about rock and roll, heavy metal, jazz, or whatever sort of music you like.

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