You want your special day to go off without a hitch. Your wedding DJ is the key to making sure everything runs smoothly. They do so much more than simply play music.

Acts As An Emcee

Your DJ hosts the reception, acting as emcee for the whole event. They are responsible for making announcements, and often have a very clear idea of how the timeline of the evening should go. Their experience comes in handy when trying to make sure you have toasts, the bouquet toss and first dances all at the appropriate time.

Music Advisor and Creator

A skilled wedding DJ has an extensive list of songs available to play. They can help you find the perfect song for your first dance or father-daughter dance. In addition, if you have a favorite song but it’s too long, or you want to transition between several songs for a special surprise, your DJ can help there. They can create mashups or cut songs to appropriate lengths if you only ask.

Another important aspect of managing the music is having a list of songs that you don’t want to be played. You may want to avoid sentimental songs from previous relationships, or ensure you’re not dragged out to dance the Macarena. For this, too, the DJ is your partner.

Crowd Management

Reading the crowd is one of the most underrated jobs a wedding DJ can perform. They know just when to play a great dance song or when to slow it down for the couples. Music sets the mood of the entire event, and the DJ can manipulate that throughout the night easily. In addition, whenever the caterers are running behind or the bride has to take a bathroom break when she should be nibbling cake with her new husband, the DJ can keep things flowing so no one ever even notices the delay.

Provides Equipment

Beyond the reception, the DJ often provides sound for the ceremony as well, ensuring the officiant can be heard throughout the venue and that no one misses a single important moment. They also often provide lighting for the reception, such as mood lighting for ambiance, lighting up the dance floor, and even providing a way to highlight the head table or other important locations. In addition to providing lighting and sound systems, the DJ also acts as technical support, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Choose Your Wedding DJ Wisely

When you get ready to choose your wedding DJ, don’t judge by price or music selection alone. This one person will end up contributing a lot to your special day, so make sure that you choose someone you can trust, and a DJ that has plenty of wedding experience, like the team at Sound Waves Entertainment.