9 Very Important Things Your Wedding DJ Should Be Doing! If They’re Not, You Are In Trouble!

Chris Pyle is the Owner/Executive DJ of Soundwaves Entertainment in York, Lancaster and Harrisburg, Pa. Chris has been a Wedding DJ  for over 30 years. We want to make your special day to be Fun and Memorable! Our hope is that when your guests leave at the end of the night they say “Wow! This was the best wedding I’ve ever been too! I had a great time!” This only happens if your DJ is FOLLOWING these 8 Rules!

We all have heard horror stories about overpriced and underprepared wedding DJs.

Yes, a wedding DJ can truly make or break a wedding reception – which is why this is one of the most important decisions a couple can make when planning their special day.  Hiring the right DJ is the single most important factor in the overall success of your wedding!

“A great wedding DJ is not only very talented, but thoughtful, passionate about his craft, a good listener and conscientious as to the needs and desires of the couple getting married, which is what it’s all about!

1 – GREAT DJs Listen!

A great wedding DJ will closely listen to your instructions and make sure he understands your EVERY wish.  Great DJs know this is the biggest day of your life, and that you’re trusting him/her with determining the flow of the day.  And they take the responsibility seriously, ALWAYS putting the needs of the couple first.

2 – GREAT DJs Pronounce The Names Right!

Professional DJs & Master’s of Ceremonies take the responsibility of your formal announcements very seriously.  With this, they make sure EVERY name is pronounced correctly.  They practice this and go over it with the couple in the weeks beforehand to make sure it’s perfect.  “Nothing is more unprofessional than a DJ or MC mispronouncing someone’s name wrong in the wedding party,” We even put phonetic spellings next to any names that sound different than they look” “My Mom was and English teacher and she taught me well” Chris says!

3 – GREAT DJs Plan Ahead With The Venue!

A great DJ always contacts the venue before the wedding day to secure all setup logistics – when the doors open, where to park, where to bring in the equipment, any particular venue rules, etc.

4 – GREAT DJs Never Assume!

A great DJ never assumes.  For example, he or she will have exact directions to the venue beforehand.  This may sound obvious, but “we’ve all heard of DJs who were late to a wedding reception,” says Chris

5 – GREAT DJs Test Everything Ahead Of Time!

Great DJs arrive at least a couple of hours before the event begins to unload equipment and set-up and test the sound system, which has been thoroughly tested prior to his arrival.  Great DJs adjust sound levels, check microphones, and position speakers to take advantage of the room’s acoustics.  Every location has it’s own distinctive acoustics, and a great DJ knows how to maximize this.  If outdoors, great DJs adjust the sound according to layout, weather, etc.

And a great DJ ALWAYS has a backup system ready to go in case of equipment failure.

“We also all know of a wedding where the DJs equipment stopped working,” notes Pyle

6 – GREAT DJs Are Poised, Presentable Professionals!

Great DJs are always well dressed, well groomed, well rested, relaxed and in control.  Again, this may seem obvious, but that’s not always the case!  This comes with thoughtful preparation.

7 – GREAT DJs Always Work & Plan Ahead With Others Involved!

Great DJs always synchronize their efforts with those of the venue staff, wedding photographers, videographers and other involved to ensure a seamless flow among everyone during the entire event.  A great DJ locks down all logistics and timing BEFORE the event, not during!

8 – GREAT DJs Know How To Read The Crowd!

A great DJ knows how to “read the crowd” and “feel” the dance floor. They should be able to play off that energy and know what songs will keep the dance floor packed and energized all night and which songs will clear a dance floor!  They should also be interacting on the mic to “pump up” the crowd and not just spinning tunes and not saying a word on the mic all night!

9 – GREAT DJs Always, Always, Always abide by the Bride and Groom’s Play list or “Do Not Play” list!

A great DJ will always play all of the Bride and Groom’s special requests first and will also adhere to and not deviate from their “Do Not Play” list!  If your DJ is a professional, he or she knows that having the Bride and Groom’s favorite song(s) are paramount. Just as important is having a DJ that knows how to read a crowd and play to that crowd. If he or she doesn’t,  the event could be a disaster. “It’s a combination of preparation and experience, something that many DJs simply don’t do, amazingly enough,” added Chris

“A great DJ is always a well prepared DJ,” Chris Says.  “A great DJ puts the couple first, rather than his or her own interests.  A great DJ will help you to create a lifetime of great memories, so when selecting your wedding DJ, make sure you ask them if they do these nine important things.You’ll be glad you did!”