Wedding planning is stressful. In fact, 71% of couples found it to be more nerve-wracking than other huge life events.

There’s so much to do to plan for a wedding, including finding a good wedding DJ. Luckily, when you find the right one, some of that stress gets released.

It’ll all be worth it once you are at your reception having the time of your life. Finding the best wedding DJ doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow these eight tips:

1. They Take Your Wants Into Account

A great wedding DJ should listen to your wants for your special day. A DJ should not have a playlist set up that they use for every wedding. They should take your uniqueness into account.

2. They Make Announcements

Good wedding DJs do more than spin beats on the table. They should be prepared to make announcements that engage the entire wedding party and guests.

You’ll want a DJ who is comfortable controlling the timeline of the reception while keeping things light and fun. Don’t forget to ensure that they get everyone’s name right when announcing the wedding party.

3. They Can Read the Crowd

A wedding is a dance party so if your DJ can’t get the crowd up and moving at the wedding reception, the party won’t be as fun. An experienced DJ can read the crowd and set the tone of the reception.

4. They Collab With the Venue

Another one of the signs of a great wedding DJ is that they collaborate with the wedding venue. A DJ that sets up their logistics and lighting before the wedding by contacting the venue can save the bride and groom some stress.

5. They Test the Equipment

The last thing you want is for your wedding music to be too quiet or not work at all. A great DJ will arrive at the venue early to test the equipment. They should also carry backup equipment in case something goes array.

6. They Are Professional

Just like everyone at the wedding is expected to be dressed for the occasion, the wedding DJ should be held to the same standards. If something happens to go wrong, the DJ should be professional enough to act accordingly.

7. They Uphold Their Reputation

A great wedding DJ at Soundwaves Entertainment wants to uphold their reputation. Because of this, they will be invested in your wedding to make it memorable for you.

You should never have to worry about receiving a bad wedding performance when you hire a wedding DJ that wants to uphold their reputation.

8. They Take Your Stress Away

A great wedding DJ can’t take all the stress away from planning a wedding, but they can do as much as they can. To reduce your stress, find a DJ that arrives early, takes care of the venue, and creates an environment where you and your guests can have the best time.

Hire a Great Wedding DJ From Soundwaves Entertainment!

At Soundwaves Entertainment, we know your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. That’s why we equipped our business with the best DJs and offer different packages and services.

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