Year-round hard work and related stress can be draining. However, it’s not all that difficult to survive an office environment that offers fun and enjoyment to its employees when the holiday season comes around. If your workplace is all about working hard and partying harder, you are on the right track.

However, employees, being grown-ups won’t appreciate your office party if your activities are not appealing enough. Many employees often complain that their office holiday parties are not enjoyable or exciting. This sentiment makes many employees skip the party altogether, and they would rather be home watching television.

This is a thing of the past if your office parties include fun activities with a streak of innovation. Here are five tips/ideas to make your office parties more appealing

  1. Food And Food All The Way: Who doesn’t love some delicious treats? Having a food station in your office can be a great idea. This would “WOW” your guests because spaces that are typically used for computers, printers, and papers will now be decorated with a long queue of delicacies. You can have seafood dishes like lobster and fish or chicken and turkey sandwiches or some mayonnaise mix vegetable pasta. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to offer some delicious food! You can have some dessert to end the holiday party lunch, such as sundaes, butter-scotch cups, chocolate ice-creams or Belgian Waffles. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Have Fun Office Party Activities: There are so many indoor games. You can have tabletop foosball matches, or even better, a table tennis competition. You can also set up a Playstation or Xbox inside your office and connect it to a large display or projector. Racing games, first-person shooters, sports games, there is a plethora of options available. Just make sure that you don’t have activities that make your employees yawn like book reading, etc. Set up activities that will get your employees to engage with each other and get them excited!


  1. Holiday Themed Parties And Dances: Put on your best party clothes, hit those dance numbers and groove to the music! Santana, Dire Straits, Elvis Presley if you are old school or if you are into something upbeat and fast, how about a Disco themed 70’s party or  some awesome 80s or 90’s music? How about hiring a DJ for the event? You can even play something like the Darude Sandstorm and watch your employees go crazy on the dance floor. But who knows? You may find out some of your employees have real talent! Soundwaves Entertainment can provide the soundtrack to match your holiday themed event. We also all of the music videos from these eras and we also have large video screens to project them on. You could even do an MTV or VH-1 themed party with music videos. That will really bring back memories!


  1. Casino Games: Casino games are also another big hit for Christmas Parties or post holiday parties. There is no gambling involver here. Normally your employees or guests win points that can be redeemed for door prizes or entered into the door prize drawings later that evening. The more points you have the bigger the prize. Traditionally there are different prize levels and your ticket gets dropped in the prize level box according to how many points you’ve won playing the casino games. The DJ can also make announcements and play music in the background while your guests are enjoying the games.


  1. Photo Booth: A photo booth is a great addition to a company holiday party especially for guests or employees that may be a little self conscious and don’t necessarily like to dance in front of their boss or co-workers. We have tons of props including hats, glasses, leis and crazy signs that can be used in the photos. This really allows everybody to have fun, interact with each other and take some fun photos that can be hung up in the office so everybody remembers how much fun they had at the previous holiday party and gives them something to look forward to for next year’s event.  If you have  DJ at your holiday party the DJ can also make an announcement to let your guests know the photo booth is open and available.

These are some prime ideas that you can use for your office holiday party. DJ, music, food, entertainment, and some booze, there are so many fun options! If your office is located in or around York, PA, Harrisburg or Lancaster you can easily find an event manager for an office party. Just make sure that the event fits right in your budget and is appropriate for all your employees. SoundWaves Entertainment is an experienced event who can arrange a fabulous office Christmas or post holiday party for you! Visit now and book your event!