When planning a wedding, every little thing matters, from the cake to the chairs to the flowers. No stone is left unturned when it comes to photographers and officiants, and no detail is ignored when it comes to tuxedos and bridal gowns. So, when choosing a wedding DJ, it is important to consider all the options and pick the DJ that will match the feel of the event and complement the experience for the guests. We believe that Soundwaves Entertainment can help our clients find the perfect DJ for a wedding, birthday party, prom, or any other big event.

Here are five easy ways to narrow down a search for the perfect DJ, maximizing options without minimizing quality.

A Wedding DJ Should Honor the Client’s Musical and Aesthetic Taste

Any professional DJ knows that their personal taste has no place in a discussion of their clients’ preferences for artists, songs, and genres. A good DJ will hear their clients’ needs, observe and keep a note of any special requests, and offer specialized suggestions that fit the established style and add to the range of the playlist. Our DJs at Soundwaves Entertainment put demonstrable effort into gauging the interests of clients and reflecting those interests on the day of the event. We offer FREE initial consultations for our clients as well as meetings 4-6 weeks before their events to discuss the details and confirm that their needs are aligned with our DJs’ plans.

A Wedding DJ Should Have a Website, Work Samples, and References

It is industry standard for Wedding DJs to be able to provide testimonials and wedding reviews from previous clients as well as video-streaming links to their work that can give a sense not just of their abilities as a DJ but also as a competent, reliable wedding DJ and vendor. A DJ should also be expected, upon request, to provide email and phone information from previous clients, even just as a measure of confidence. For that reason, Soundwaves Entertainment has an entire page dedicated to client testimonials, so that our clients know that they can trust us with their events.

A Wedding DJ Should Have a Big Personality

When meeting with prospective DJs, it is important to assess their personality, both in client interactions and in wedding-style settings. Ideally, a DJ can get wedding guests to the dance floor with wit, charm, and a larger-than-life personality. In meetings with prospective DJs, it is important to evaluate whether they seem capable of summoning that kind of energy, though a video sample will always be more useful than a first impression. Our trusted DJs at Soundwaves Entertainment can be relied upon to bring that big-group energy to all events and keep your wedding guests on the dance floor for the entire wedding reception.

A Wedding DJ Should Be Easy to Work With

A wedding DJ will be working between their clients and the chosen venue, so it is always good practice to check up on their reputation and ensure that they do not present any red flags upon meeting. A DJ with an easygoing personality and a demonstrated administrative diligence will make for one less thing to worry about in an already stressful process. Our DJs at Soundwaves Entertainment have undergone a careful hiring process and are held to high standards of professionalism; with the reviews to back it up, we guarantee that our clients’ experiences with our DJs reflect that standard, making for an easy line of communication and an obstacle-free event.

A Wedding DJ Should Care

Our wedding DJs at Soundwaves Entertainment prove, with every additional event, that they truly care about their clients’ experience on their special day. It is exactly this personal and professional investment that elevates Soundwaves Entertainment above the rest of the noise and makes for certain to our clients that their DJ will do everything in his or her power to provide the following services:

  • Individual attention to their client
  • Investment in the requests and needs of their client, no matter how sweeping and no matter how granular
  • Leaving it all on the dance floor with a personality suited specifically to the event that will set their clients’ guests at ease and encourage a communal, engaging experience for all

At the end of the day, the most important thing a client should want from their wedding DJ is a guarantee that they will bring their best effort to the big event. At Soundwaves Entertainment, we can promise that all of our DJs will deliver to that caliber and more for your wedding!