All of us, at some point in our lives, have dreamed about our wedding day. Whether it’s the outfit, venue, or flowers, everything needs to be perfect. Although the most important part of the day is the exchange of vows, music is one thing that sets the mood.

Whether you pick a band or DJ, you can’t afford to risk the entertainment at your wedding.  A lot of DJs are part-time hobbyists. Having a professional DJ is the key to a fun, memorable and successful wedding reception that all of your guests will me talking about long after your Last Dance. Follow these 4 helpful tips to choose the best wedding DJ in York, Pennsylvania.


1.    Research

Take sufficient time to investigate about the DJ. Attend some events or parties where the DJ usually plays. Get contacts of people who have previously used the DJ’s services and take note of their feedback. You can also ask your friends or relatives to recommend a couple of DJs, and then evaluate each of them. Do some ground-level research on those recommendations. Check DJ reviews on Google, Wedding Wire and The Knot!

Moreover, observe how they get the crowd pumped up. Get a sense of the vibe they are creating or how are they engaging with the guests.  Your DJ should have the skill to blend all different genres together for everyone and be able to “read the crowd”, build up and “feed the energy” on the dance floor to keep the reception going strong and all of your guests on the dance floor making memories.

There are a lot of details involved in planning your wedding, but it does pay off in the long run to know your DJ. Schedule a meeting or a phone or Skype call and also read current wedding reviews so that you know that you are making the right choice.


2.    Explain what you want

Your job doesn’t end at simply picking out a DJ in York, Pennsylvania. Make sure you explain your vision for your day. If you don’t, some DJ’s might take advantage and do things their own way. It’s your wedding, so everything should be to your liking. Your DJ should be accomodating and be flexible.

Find a DJ who knows the kind of music you want to be played. Professional DJ’s should have a planning website that allows you to create a play list of your favorite songs and even a “Do Not Play” list for any songs or artists that you prefer not to have played. A great wedding DJ should be able to utilize your music list and play the right songs at the right time during your wedding reception. Songs that are not danceable can be played during cocktail hour or dinner and the best songs for dancing should be saved for after dinner when dancing starts!


3.    Make Your Playlist Beforehand

No one likes scrambling last minute before their wedding. Thus, it’s better to get your playlist ready for your DJ at least two weeks prior to your wedding day so that your DJ has sufficient time to do event preparations.

Schedule a final planning meeting or call at least 3-4 weeks prior to your date to go over wedding ceremony music, cocktail hour and dinner music and your “Must Play’ list as wells as the “Do Not Play” list. We also have a category called “Play Only If Requested” The DJ will stay away from song on this list and only play them if a guest would request them. If nobody requests the songs on this list they simply won’t get played. This allows your DJ some flexibility to please your guests while still abiding by your wishes.

Go over the timeline and order of events for the ceremony and reception. Discuss the order and timing of formalities and special dances for the First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother- Groom Dance Anniversary Dance, cake cutting, Bouquet and Garter Toss, Last Dance, etc… Also, let your DJ know if you will be doing a special send off after your Last Dance such as a sparkler send off. Your DJ can even make an announcement for an “after party” or announce transportation for your guests such as Uber or a bus or shuttle service for your guests back to the hotel.


4.    Ask for extra services

Some DJ packages provide extra services such as up lighting, photo booth, Monogram Light, Dancing On A Cloud, Dancing Under The Stars, Video projectors and screens or TV’s for slideshow or video presentations. It is like personalizing your special day.

Don’t forget to cross the ‘t’s and dot the i’s in your contract. Also, don’t feel obligated to add extra amenities if you don’t need them or if they are not in your wedding budget. If you find that you have some extra room in your budget these option can be added on as long as they are still available on your date.

Bundled Packages include everything you need for your ceremony, reception, cocktail hour with additional enhancements that can you you time by booking a bundled DJ package up front.



For anyone, a wedding day is one of the most memorable days of their lives. Every moment is meant to be celebrated and remembered for a lifetime. It’s extremely crucial that you don’t compromise on the quality of entertainment or DJ services you are hiring. Your wedding is a big investment not only in money but also your time involved in planning and preparation. You definitely want to make sure that you hire an entertainment company or DJ that has a polished online reputation that will make all of your hard work and effort pay off in the long run. At the end of the night when your guests are saying “Wow, this was the best wedding I’ve ever been too! I had a great time!” you’ll know you made the right choice! On the other hand, hiring an inexperienced, amatuer DJ or a “friend of a friend” without much wedding experience could possibly result in an empty dance floor with your guests leaving early.

Entertainment is the single most important factor in a Fun and Memorable wedding celebration!

The best wedding Dj in York, Pennsylvania is worth keeping and it’s important that you choose value over cost. Although you have a budget to stick with, make sure that you don’t ruin a great wedding by looking at the bottom line. Hiring a professional wedding DJ matters!