Planning a wedding can be difficult; juggling so many balls in the air, it can be easy to get lost in the weeds in one area, like floral arrangements, while completely forgetting about another, like music.

That’s why the folks at Soundwaves DJ Entertainment believe that every client of ours deserves a DJ who is perfectly suited to their wedding, party, or other special event. We also believe that our DJ should and must make the process so smooth and effortless that our client can turn their attention to another task and trust the DJ to do his or her job.

But securing that trust in and from a prospective DJ can take a little time and effort. Here are three simple steps to make sure that a DJ is the right fit for an event and will guarantee the guests an unforgettable experience.

Research, Research, Research

This may sound like a simple adage, but it applies to every single independent contractor with whom one consults before an event, from wedding photographers to wedding officiants to wedding planners. One’s search for a DJ should be no different.

Explore all of the local options and find the DJ who not only seems to be the best fit for the event but also who fulfills a wide range of possible criteria. These criteria could include:

  • Budget
  • Specialization in a certain type of event
  • Direct word of mouth
  • Personality

When researching one’s options, we find that our clients respond best to DJs who are flexible with their DJ packages and prices and can lay out a variety of options that intersect with and represent the clients’ desires and needs.

For clients to whom word of mouth is a crucial component of decision making, Soundwaves Entertainment offers a wide variety of testimonials from clients on our website, demonstrating a long and reliable history of customer satisfaction. If a prospective DJ cannot offer such glowing reviews or any demonstration of a track record of competence in their work, there is no reason to compromise on that front. In this modern economy, where options are accessible with a simple click of a button, one need not settle for less when it comes to finding a DJ.

Get Involved in the Playlist Process

Nothing could be worse than a DJ taking the reins and playing their own personal favorites. Soundwaves Entertainment only hires DJs who are passionate about hearing input from clients and using their expertise to create a playlist that fully embodies the spirit, style, and taste of the client and the guests.

To make sure that one’s input plays a crucial part in building out the playlist, it could be helpful to outline a list of “must-plays” and “Do Not Plays” before meeting a prospective hire. Thinking about the genres, bands, and songs that have played an important part in one’s relationship or one’s past can be a useful way of communicating a desired “feel” without inflexibly prescribing to the point that the DJ cannot offer his or her own expertise to the discussion.

It is also helpful to keep in mind what your guests will like and expect to hear, so do not forget to include the greatest hits and ultimate classics on that playlist. Even if it seems cliché or silly, weddings and big events are some of the only places where those ultra-overplayed songs will be more than welcome. In fact, nothing brings the masses to the dance floor like a generation-unifying classic like a group sing along such as “Don’t Stop Believing” or “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

Get to Know the DJ A Little

In evaluating whether a DJ will be right for an event, it is always smart to get a sense of their personality and see what they might bring to the table when it comes to hyping up the crowd at the reception.

A great DJ is not just a hired hand simply tasked with scratching vinyl records on turntables and pressing “Next” when the song fades out. A great DJ is an emcee, a performer, a capable musician, and an effective communicator. That’s why the in-person interview process can be a vital step in the process. Getting to know a prospective DJ can be an easy way to confirm that they’re the right person to smooth out any energy dips at an event and keep the atmosphere consistent and fun.

At Soundwaves Entertainment, we guarantee that if you follow these steps and hire a DJ through our company, your wedding reception or party will be exactly as you envision it to be and will be remembered for many years to come by all of your guests!