Last year over 2.5 million weddings took place in the United States. As many brides-to-be know, enlisting the expertise of a DJ mix master can assure you of a successful reception. Bringing in the DJ is one of the most important decisions you will be making on your big day.

The age-old question for weddings seems to be band or DJ. Although some people believe a brand is a more traditional approach, a DJ allows you to play a wide variety of music to appease all musical styles. Keep reading to learn three benefits of hiring a wedding DJ.

1. Wedding DJ Starts the Party

On the day of your wedding, you’ll appreciate a professional voice helping smooth the transition of the event. The DJ will be familiar with the organizational program and know when to draw people out to the dance floor and wind down for the night. Your DJ will be able to utilize their experiences to control the environment and the energy in the room.

Your DJ can also serve as your emcee throughout the night. Not only can I help you introduce your wedding party,  but they can also help keep your reception organized by making announcements about where to eat and opening the floor for toasts.

2. Access to Professional Equipment

Making your reception a party can be an expensive task. However, no matter how much you invest in decorations or a state-of-the-art dance floor, what makes your reception enjoyable is access to a concert-level music session.

DJs have already invested in speakers and stereo equipment to be used for your reception. You can expand your venue possibility, by enlisting a DJ who has a well-curated collection of equipment.

3. The Right Playlist

When it comes to the kind of music that is going to be played at your wedding, a couple may want to play a more active or passive role in selecting the music for the reception. Before the big day, it is important to sit down and map out your ideal evening with prospective DJs. Sharing your goals for the night will give your DJ direction in crafting a playlist for the reception.

Great DJs are adaptable, they can take in new requests to keep playing the right music. A professional DJ will be able to keep your guests happy by filtering through requests and adjusting the playlist during the reception. Your DJ will be able to make sure that random unpopular requests may be discarded.

Hire a Wedding DJ

Weddings can be an absolute blast for guests and the couple, and part of that comes with the quality of the party. Reaching out to professionals early on in the wedding planning process can give you access to the top-requested DJs in the area.

Request a quote for your wedding DJ today to get started creating an amazing ambiance at your reception.