It was a windy, brisk Fall day for Cearra and Tim’s wedding reception at Wyndridge Farm in York, Pa. Soundwaves DJ Entertainment provided DJ services for their ceremony and reception. The sun was shining and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful! Cearra and Tim had their cake table behind their sweetheart table so we did some purple up lighting on either side of the cake table plus we also did a “cake spotlight” which really accented the cake and became a focal point behind the sweetheart table. It looked stunning! After the cake cutting we opened up the dance floor and the dance floor was packed all night long from the first song to cearra and Tim’s Last Dance!  Our goal at every wedding we do is to keep everyone on the dance floor having fun and making some memories that will last a lifetime!  We want every wedding we do to be a fun and memorable experience for everybody! The key to this is experience!  We are a full time entertainment DJ company and perform at weddings every weekend.  The key to keeping all of your guests on the dance floor and having a great time is knowing how to “read the crowd” and feel the energy level on the dance floor and knowing what song to play next to keep that energy level up to keep the party going!

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