Purple was the theme for Zach and Jessica’s wedding at RiverDale Manor in Lancaster, Pa. The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony down by the creek. We also provided music for their cocktail hour which was held on the outdoor patio. They picked some fun songs for the bridal party introductions and for their Grand Entrance! Zack’s family is Jewish so he wanted to incorporate The Hora (Havah Negilah) which we did directly after their First Dance! This set the mood for the evening for a great party.  The Groomsman hoisted Zach and Jessica up on chairs during the traditional “Hora”! Zack and Jessica cut their cake shortly after dinner after greeting their guests which was followed by the Anniversary Dance or Longest Married Couple’s Dance. Then we started the party and packed the dance floor! We all reminisced to some great 90’s hits that Zack and Jessica had on their “Must Play” list!After their Last Dance they headed outside for “Glow stick” sparkler send off as Katy Perry’s “Firework” played to end the night. What a great couple!  Their reception was blast! We hope you and all of your friends and family had a fun time and made some memories! Thank you for choosing Soundwaves Entertainment for your special day!

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