Brooke and Patrick celebrated their marriage with their reception at the Brick Gable Cafe in Lititz, Pa. near Lancaster.  It’s a fairly new venue that recently opened in April 2015. Soundwaves Entertainment provided a portable sound system for the downstairs cocktail hour.  Our cocktail system has a built in wireless mic which is perfect for letting the guests know when it’s time to transition upstairs for the reception. At 6:30 PM it was time for the bridal introductions upstairs.  We had 13 couples total including the Bride and Groom.  Brooke and Patrick had a surprise in store for their guests. The Groom had put together a medley of fun songs starting off with a slow song from Brandon Heath called “Love Never Fails”. The bridal party also did a surprise flash mob to “Harlem Shake”!  It was a ton of fun!  After the Parents Dances and cake cutting we opened up the dance floor and it was packed solid the enitire night!  I don’t think we could have fit another person on the dance floor that’s how many people were on the floor!  At one point the Groomsmen even hoisted the Groom, Bride and the Bride’s Mother up in the air (Picture “Havah Nagilah” but without the chairs)!!! The night ended with a sparkler exit.  what a fairy tale wedding! We were so happy to be a part of of it! Congrats Brooke and Patrick!

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